Snowpiercer: the shooting of season 3 finished, season 4 ordered

Snowpiercer season 3

Daveed Diggs speaks in a long video that delivers never-before-seen images.

It’s already the end of the production of season 3 of Snowpiercer. In a long video posted on the web, Daveed Diggs shared the news alongside a few other cast members, from the set in Vancouver. In passing, we discover some unpublished images of this season 3 and in particular a New York which is no longer under the ice … but under water! Obviously, the melting has started on Earth …

As a bonus, Diggs announces good news to fans: Snowpiercer is already renewed! A season 4 will be shot soon.

It remains to be seen when season 3 will be broadcast (in France on Netflix). We remember that at the end of season 2, Layton found himself at the controls of a 10-car “pirate train”, going to the Breslauer research station to find Melanie (Jennifer Connelly) and a possible liveable place for her. restart civilization. In the Snowpiercer, Mr. Wilford (Sean Bean) consolidates his power, foiled only by secret allies of Layton hidden on the train, committed to the cause …

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