Something is wrong in OSS 117 3 [critique]

The third part of the adventures of Hubert Bonnisseur de la Bath, less unbridled than the first two, left us unsatisfied.

As promised, OSS 117 3 was broadcast at the closing of the 74th Cannes Film Festival. But what is this sequel directed by Nicolas Bedos worth? Here is our review.
It has already been twelve years since we had any news from Hubert Bonisseur de la Bath! Needless to say our expectation before finding it again, in 1981, when France is preparing, to its chagrin, to turn left. For this mission in Françafrique, he finds himself forced to team up with a young colleague, 0SS 1001, a very fan of him before understanding the true nature of the character, in whom elegance, high self-esteem and brilliant buffoonery are only part of the story. ‘a. Hazanavicius having decided not to come back, Nicolas Bedos succeeds him. The elegance of his staging is never faulted, nor the impeccable composition of Jean Dujardin and his complicity with the rookie Pierre Niney. And yet, something is wrong. The fact that the script seems to follow every daring or inflated valve on Africa with a scene that looks like a justification or an excuse. Quite the opposite of the first two parts which confronted the questions of racism and anti-Semitism by the sole weapon of absurdity, without worrying about what will be said. Is it the will not to stutter? Is this the time that has changed and led to self-censorship so as not to collapse under controversy or bad buzz? Red alert in black Africa advance in any case with a hand brake. The result is in no way unpleasant, but below the film we had hoped for. In this same family of scathing, absurd and cruel comedy, Simply black had offered last year a relevant impertinence here too corseted.

OSS 117 3: “The vast majority of the public understood the mechanism of satire”

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