Sonic 2 rushes to the US box office, Ambulance crashes

SEGA’s little blue hedgehog takes over the top of the American rankings and even breaks a record!

A little blue ball swept through the US box office this weekend, relegating the Morbius and others Batman at a good distance. With $71 million in revenue for its first weekend of operation, sonic 2 got off to a great start, taking the top spot and setting a new record for a movie adaptation of a video game, beating its predecessor, Sonic, which raised $58 million in 2020.

sonic 2 is therefore already a hit, especially since with an additional 37 million dollars in the rest of the world (coming from 53 territories, it already points to 141 million dollars at the global box office.

Morbius: Jared Leto stayed in character, even for pee breaks

Leader last week, Morbius is relegated to second place. Jared Leto experienced a huge drop in attendance (-74%), expected in view of the poor reviews. With 10.2 million dollars gleaned during his second weekend, Jared Leto points to a 57 million dollars in revenue in North America and 70 million dollars internationally.

It’s not great, but it’s already better than Ambulance. Michael Bay’s action film, R-Rated in the USA, only comes in 4th position at this US box office, with only $8.7 million for its first weekend in theaters across the Atlantic. Fortunately, the blockbuster is catching up a little internationally with an additional $22.4 million (in 68 international markets) or a worldwide box office of $31.1 million for a film with a surprisingly reasonable budget of $40 million. $.

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