Sonic and Knuckles go head-to-head in the sequel’s final trailer

“Oh no, there are two now!”

sonic 2 will be released in theaters on March 30, and to wait, Paramount unveils its final trailer. Opening with a wedding in Hawaii, it sees Sonic and Tails disembarking, who call for help from the hero Tom (James Marsden) during a mission in the mountains. When his phone rings, it’s to the tune of the famous video game, of course! Then we learn that Dr. Robotnik (Jim Carrey) is back, this time accompanied by Knuckles (who has the voice of Idris Elba in VO and his voice actor in VF, Frantz Confiac). Moreover, once the film is released, this character will be entitled to his own tv series.

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After Batman, Marvel

The two creatures confront each other while swinging spikes. “Oh, great, the Winter Soldier!” mocks Sonic, for example, being chased by his enemy in the snow, in reference to Captain America’s nemesis who will later become his ally. A few days ago, it’s to batman that the hero multiplied the winks, thus taking advantage of the cinema release of the blockbuster with Robert Pattinson.

You would have understood it, this sequel will be filled with references to the games, but also more generally to pop culture. This was also one of the promises of its director, Jeff Fowler: “We take all kinds of things directly from the games, confirms Jeff Fowler. Levels, elements of decor, design … There are already some in the trailer. The bi-plane, the tornado. .. These are iconic visual elements from Sonic 2. When we put together the story for this sequel, we were all excited to bring this rich imagery back, which fans will be thrilled to see on the big screen. We created a cinematic version of all those things that players loved in Sonic and Sonic 2. It’s a good deal to have so many winks to incorporate! make the list, but it will be full of elements that should appeal to fans.”

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