Sound of Metal, 5th Set: the new VOD releases from 22/10 2021 to see on Première Max

All the week’s video-on-demand releases.

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Selection of films released between November 16 and 22

Sound of Metal

Ruben and Lou live on the fringes of cities in their caravan, crisscrossing the United States between two concerts. While his girlfriend screams into the microphone, Ruben sets his drums on fire. But one day he only hears a muffled buzz. The doctor’s diagnosis is clear: Ruben will soon be deaf … Riz Ahmed deploys in the incarnation of this character a great deal of finesse and intensity, while the work on the sound (distorted, increased, muffled …) allows to immerse the viewer in the skin of the hero. To see on Première Max.

5th set

Alex Lutz surprises in the role of a tennis champion who never recovered from a decisive match lost at a young age. Now he’s 37 years old and it’s hard to hang up, especially when, having gone through the qualifiers, he starts winning again at Roland-Garros. Director Quentin Reynaud brings an essential documentary part to this fiction and signs a final straight line to glue you to your seat of suspense and emotions. To see on Première Max.

Night doctor

Night doctor tells of the nocturnal wanderings of a doctor (Vincent Macaigne) who multiplies the fake prescriptions of Subutex, as much to help drug addicts in distress as to help his pharmacist cousin, stuck in increasingly dangerous trafficking. He gave himself a night to redeem his conscience. Macaigne impresses as a venerable intellectual, who breaks faces with the same assurance that he takes your Vitale card. To see on Première Max.

The Trip

A couple on the verge of breaking up decides to isolate themselves in a heavenly cabin on the edge of a lake. Under the pretext of reuniting, the two in fact share, without knowing it, the same will: to kill the other. As they each search for a way to carry out their respective plans, unexpected visitors enter the house. They will have to put their grievances aside to get rid of them … To see on Première Max.


A somewhat introverted high school student (Kathryn Newton) and a mutic serial killer (Vince Vaughn) inadvertently trade their bodies because of a magic dagger. Vaughn is as comfortable in the skin of a teenager as in the inflexible serial killer, and the actor is moreover the number one attraction of this horrific comedy which thus plays on both counts – the funk and laughs. Freaky assume 100% of its entertainment status and on this point, it is a clear success. To see on Première Max.

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