South Park in the future in the trailer for the episode “Post-Covid”


Stan, Kyle and the others are now adults, at the end of the health crisis … But what happened to them?

Back to the future for the children of South Park ! Stan, Kyle, Kenny and Cartman are no longer in fourth grade in the trailer for the new event, the special episode “Post COVID”.

“What happened to the children who lived through the pandemic?“asks the official synopsis of the episode. “Stan, Kyle, Cartman and Kenny survived, but will never be the same after COVID.”

This South Park: Post COVID Special will air Thursday, November 25 on the Paramount + platform in the US and will take us years into the future. All four boys are now adults in their forties. We see a Stan with graying temples who receives a call from Kyle asking for help. Obviously, it’s chaos, after the health crisis, in the small town of South park

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