South Park pays Vladimir Poutine in its last episode

South Park

As the war in Ukraine continues, the satirical comedy aired an episode last night called “Back to the Cold War”.

They are always so responsive! The authors of South Park managed to integrate a scathing tackle to Vladimir Putin, in the last episode of season 25, broadcast yesterday on American TV. An episode particularly in tune with the times, since it is called “Back to the Cold War”. We see Mr. Mackey in the midst of the stress of an atomic conflict, obsessed with old spy films from the 1980s War games and to Red Dawn.

And suddenly, the fearless satirical series mocks the Russian president without restraint, claiming that Vladimir Putin has aged and is more aggressive. “because his dick doesn’t work like it used to…” (via THR)

At the same time, we see the head of the Kremlin hysterical, dancing shirtless, while Butters finds himself in an equestrian competition against a Russian student…

To the question “can we laugh at everything”, South Park already answered.

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