Space Jam director demolishes Space Jam 2: “LeBron is not Michael Jordan!”

“It’s not Space Jam. Space Jam, it’s Michael Jordan.”

Lebron james tries to put in the shoes of Michael jordan, with Space Jam 2, which has just been released at the cinema. And that, it does not please fans of His Majesty. Starting with Joe Pytka, director of Space jam original from 1996. From the outset, he feels that this sequel project is “ridiculous“And in a recent interview with TMZ, Pytka doesn’t mince words when asked what he thinks of New era !

The filmmaker confides that it took him five sessions to succeed in completing this Space Jam 2, sorry for a soundtrack “insignificant“and the fact that Bugs Bunny now looks like “to one of those fluffy dolls you buy at an airport gift shop to bring your child when your business trip has taken too long.”

Space Jam 2: LeBron James starts better than Michael Jordan at the US Box Office

Joe Pytka then explains that without Michael jordan, the bet was lost in advance:

I have worked with three people who have this magical quality that they affect people no matter what; they see them and a certain light shines: Michael jordan, Michael Jackson and Madonna. All three have this quality. And no one else has that quality. LeBron is a fantastic basketball player, he is one of the 20 best basketball players of all time. He is not Michael jordan. Maybe they should have called it something else. They shouldn’t call her Space Jam 2. It should be another movie. It’s not Space jam. Space jam, It is Michael jordan. No matter how much LeBron wants to be a great player – and he’s a great player – it’s not Michael jordan. There will never be another Michael Jordan. “ NBA fans have not finished debating it …

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