Spencer: Kristen Stewart is a big fan of Emma Corrin in The Crown

Spencer: Kristen Stewart is a big fan of Emma Corrin in The Crown
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They also share the same coach to express themselves as Lady Di.

Kristen stewart will return to the cinema soon in Spencer, a biopic of Princess Diana directed by Pablo Larrain (Jackie). The actress explains to Entertainment Weekly having done a lot of research before taking on this role, Lady Di was such an enigmatic personality. Enormously followed by the media, she was paradoxically
very secret. “The material is contradictory as far as she is concerned, explains the ex-star of Twilight. She didn’t always say the same things in interviews, you know? She changed her mind often, obviously, on lots of subjects. Ironically, and sadly, she is one of the least known historical figures, as she always sought to be close to people. I had to immerse myself in his life completely for six months to embody him well. I knew I had to reach for some sort of elemental energy, and if people talk about it but think I’m not playing it perfectly, that’s fine with me. “ Kristen Stewart therefore does not seek to imitate her model, but rather to find in the archives on Lady Di a certain truth. During the interview, she also explains that she took the advice of coach William Conacher to speak and act like Diana. It was also he who had taught Emma Corrin to behave like the real princess for the series The Crown, as well as to Naomi Watts for the film Diana (2013). “I watched the whole series in one night, exclaims Stewart about The Crown. I think Emma did a wonderful job. Well, it’s not like my opinion matters, eh, but I loved it! “

Spencer doesn’t have a release date yet, but here’s its trailer:

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