Spend the evening with Bridget Jones

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Spend the evening with Bridget Jones
March Distribution

France 2 is rebroadcasting Le Journal de Bridget Jones, then L’Âge de raison, this Sunday.

The comic-sentimental adventures of a “celibate” thirty years old. Her name is Bridget Jones and has two ambitions in life: to lose weight and find true love. While her friends Jude, Sharon and Tom keep giving her unnecessary and desperate advice, Bridget hesitates between two suitors: her boss, the charming and sexy Daniel Cleaver and Mark Darcy, an old friend of the family who seemed boring and distant at first.

Few romantic comedies have marked their time as much as Bridget Jones Diary, the heroine created by the novelist Helen fielding having since entered everyday language. In 2001, five years after the publication of the book, a true bookstore bestseller, the thirty-something blue flower arrived on the big screen in the guise of Renee Zellweger, torn by her feelings towards her two suitors embodied by none other than Hugh grant and Colin firth. Huge success in theaters including in France (3.3 million admissions), Bridget Jones’ book once again shows the resources of the genre as underlined First at the time: “The issue is not all new. But the actors are good and handsome, London wonderfully snowy and the side plots and other “so British” details.In addition to this public triumph which gave rise to two sequels, in 2004 and 2016, the film allowed Renee Zellweger to land an Oscar nomination for Best Actress. It will be rebroadcast this Sunday on France 2, followed by n ° 2, The age of Reason.

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