Spider-Man: No Way Home: a new teaser filled with never-before-seen images

A huge flaw tears New York apart, Doctor Strange flips the city over a train, which multiplies …

The output of Spider-Man: Into No Way Home is approaching, then its special effects are finalized and Sony can put them to the fore more. A week before discovering Jon Watts’ blockbuster with Tom Holland at the cinema, the Korean branch of the studio unveils a new teaser of the film filled with never-before-seen shots, mainly action scenes. We thus see a huge fault tear through New York City, then the sequences of the train and the freeway are entitled to additional images. Including Doctor Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) flipping buildings above the train, while the latter is multiplied. An effect which obviously recalls the sequence ofInception where it was Paris that was withdrawn into itself. This idea was used in the first Doctor Strange to create impressive kaleidoscope effects, and it will obviously be at the heart of this sequel, which will play more than ever with the concept of the multiverse. Here is the video:

Spider-Man: No Way Home super-villains reunite to talk about the movie

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