Spider-Man: No Way Home becomes 20th biggest hit of all time

And it is part of the historic Top 10 of the US box office.

The year 2021 has ended on a high note for Marvel and Disney: Spider-Man: No Way Home Still at the top of the US box office for the third weekend in a row, peaking at an exceptional total of $ 610 million in the United States and Canada. A score that makes the last opus of the spider-man the 10th highest grossing film “ever” in North America, protruding by a short head The Incredibles 2, and while waiting to double Star Wars: The Last Jedi (which sits 9th with $ 620.1 million).

Above all, Tom Holland and Zendaya now reach the heights of the 7th world art, since their film becomes the 20th biggest success in the history of world cinema, with $ 1.217 billion, doubling another Marvel, namely Iron man 3 ($ 1.214 billion in 2013). Within the MCU, only the four Avengers and Black panther do better than Peter Parker.

Too much fan service in Spider-Man: No Way Home?

In detail for the weekend, in the absence of any news, Spider-Man: No Way Home has gleaned 48 million more greenbacks at the US box office and keeps the family animated film at bay Sing 2, which takes $ 20 million in the second week and totals $ 90 million since its release across the Atlantic.

It will also be noted that The king’s man and Matrix: Resurrections (respectively less than $ 20 million and barely $ 30 million after two weeks in theaters) two big failures are expected in North America.

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