Spider-Man – Tom Holland: “Do I want to be an actor for the rest of my life?” [exclu]

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The actor of Spider-Man: No Way Home confides exclusively to Premiere that he could “leave aside” the character of Peter Parker, but also the whole cinema.

Spider-Man: No Way Home is not even out yet that we are already discussing his after! While its new trailer has been a hit lately, and the theories are pouring in on the presence (or not) of the two former actors of the franchise in the credits, Tom holland lets us understand, in an interview published in the First of December (n ° 524, with Matrix on the cover) that this feature film could be his last as Spider-Man. Indeed, while this No Way Home comes to complete the trilogy started with Homecoming and Far From HomeTom Holland talks about the rest of his career, now that his contract with Sony / Marvel Studois is coming to an end (at least for now).

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Engaged for six years in the role of the Weaver, the actor finally wonders if the cinema will follow him to the end: “The last six years of my life has kind of been planned, since I was under contract. I believe for the next five or ten years of my career, I’m only going to do what I want, when I want to. I will potentially be more selective, I will be careful to take the right amount of free time. And then you know, for a few years – or at least for the past year -, I ask myself: is acting really what I want to do? Do I want to be an actor for the rest of my life? ” He adds : “I really enjoy being an actor, but the beauty of it is that I can put it aside for ten, twenty or thirty years … and then start acting again. Maybe I have. want to become a father and raise children … I don’t know what I want to do. “ A void that doesn’t seem to frighten the defending Spider-Man, who sees it as luck instead. “It’s not bad to move into the unknown!”

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We can then wonder if we will still see Tom Holland on the big screen in ten years. Anyone who wants to start a family does not hesitate to talk about his desires to become a stay-at-home father, to take care of cinema from a distance, without really going back to the sets. It is also questionable if, later on, Holland will not simply hang up the cinema, focusing on something more manual. Having a background in carpentry, maybe he will turn to more physical, more down-to-earth trades.

In the meantime, fans can’t wait to find him as Peter Parker, for a new installment full of promises and twists. Spider-Man: No Way Home is dated at December 15 in France. It is produced by Jon watts, and marks Spider-Man’s entry into Sony’s Spiderverse, already started with Venom 2: Let There Be Carnage and soon Morbius.

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