Spider-Man: Tom Holland regrets not calling Andrew Garfield after being cast

Spider-Man: Tom Holland regrets not calling Andrew Garfield after being cast

In his place, “I would have been heartbroken”, recognizes the new interpreter of Peter Parker.

At the end of the week, Tom Holland explained to ComicBook.com that he would love to see Andrew Garfield come back in The Amazing Spider-Man 3 to conclude his trilogy, aborted following the mixed reception of the second opus, The Destiny of a Hero, in 2014. At the time, Sony and Marvel had entered into negotiations to share the rights to the character, and when it was signed, this return of Spidey to Marvel was done without its main actor. This was painful for Garfield, and his successor, who arrived in 2016 in Captain America: Civil War, admits today that he has one regret about this story: he should have called Andrew Garfield to discuss it when he was chosen to play Peter Parker. This is what he tells The Hollywood Reporter, adding that their shared experience on No Way Home ultimately allowed them to bond.

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“I couldn’t be happier for him, replies Holland about the very warm reception of the public vis-a-vis the return of Andrew Garfield in the costume. There is something I would like to clarify in hindsight. My only regret is that I didn’t call him when I was hired for Spider-Man. If someone had told me after my second film that it was over for me and that they had chosen another kid in my place, I would have been heartbroken. So when I look back, I wish I had a chance to make amends with him. Finally, this movie represented that opportunity for both of us.”

He then goes into detail about a scene from No Way Home, so watch out for spoilers : “It was not only an opportunity for him to make peace with the character and the studio, but also for him and me to have this moment in common and to realize that we could precisely share this. he has when he saves zendaya is totally true i’m very proud of him it warms my heart that he can come back like this and take over the world and remind the public that his spider-man movies are fantastic, brilliant at their way.”

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