Spielberg tells how Harrison Ford helped ET come to life

In the middle of filming Indiana Jones, he convinced the screenwriter that the project was worth it.

AND would it have been born in the assistance of Harrison Ford? On the red carpet of the TCM Classic Film Festival, Steven Spielberg detailed at HollywoodReporter how the actor helped him convince screenwriter Melissa Mathison to write the script. While filming Raiders of the Lost Ark, Spielberg had the idea ofAND : “ I had mapped out the majority of the story and needed a scriptwriter to write it with me, or to write it from my basic idea. I was shooting in Tunisia with Harrison Ford, and his girlfriend Melissa Mathison was there with us… We were talking and I told him about my idea forAND She answered : ”I’m retired, I don’t write anymore. It no longer interests me. It’s too hard.” She declined my proposal. »

So the filmmaker tried to go through Harrison Ford himself, hoping he could convince Mathison. Bingo: ” He said to me, ”Let me talk to him”. The next day she came back to me. “OK, Harrison seems very excited about this project. What did I miss?’ I guess I didn’t tell her the story very well, because when I did it again, she was very touched and committed to the write, in the middle of the Tunisian desert. »

In the end, Melissa Mathison is the only one credited to the screenplay ofAND. The screenwriter died in 2015 but collaborated again with Spielberg on The Good Big Giantreleased in 2016.

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