Spy Game: When Brad Pitt and Robert Redford Told Their Reunion in Premiere

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Spy Game
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In 2001, the actor and the director of And in the Middle Runs a River were reunited by Tony Scott.

Directed by Tony Scott, Spy Game, will return this Sunday evening on France 2, after the replay of Night and day with Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz. This thriller marks the movie reunion of Brad pitt with Robert redford who had led him in And in the middle flows a river, in 1992. Shot between Great Britain, the United States, Morocco, Budapest or Prague, the feature film, one of the suicide bombing sequences of which was modified just before its release, following the the attacks of September 11, 2001, had a great success in the cinema with 143 million dollars collected in the world. Addicting and rhythmic thriller, Spy Game worth the detour for the duo Pitt / Redford but also for the realization of Tony Scott. “In an always dynamic and more and more controlled style, he twirls his camera”, wrote First at its output.

Above all, the duo had agreed to make the cover of magazine n ° 298, in December 2001, on the occasion of its 25th anniversary. During the interview conducted by Christian Jauberty, they of course evoked their reunion, insisting on their mutual respect. Brad mentioned in particular two cult works of Redford, Butch Cassidy and the Kid, and People like the others, as having had an enormous influence on him, the first being “one of the films which marked my childhood the most and made me want to make cinema”, and the second, presented by the actor as “a big slap”. His sidekick confirmed for his part that he would have liked to hire Brad Pitt again earlier, for The Legend of Bagger Vance, released in 2000 in theaters, but since the star was not available at that time, he finally hired another American comedian, Matt Damon.

Robert Redford’s career interview

Here is the excerpt from the interview where the two artists evoke their complicity, as well as their resemblance:

First: Everyone will talk about the chemistry that exists between you two in Spy Game. How do you feel about it?

Brad Pitt: It was great to be together on the same side of the camera. You can see it as a father-to-son relationship, but I prefer to think of it as a mentor-to-protégé relationship. I don’t know if we can speak of complicity, but from the start there was a familiarity between us which, I think, brings something to certain important moments of the film. On the other hand, I grew up with this image of Robert playing characters that have all the answers. It gave me some problems for the scenes where we are supposed to oppose each other. Even when it was in the script, I found it hard not to tell him: ‘Yes sir, okay you are right.’ Robert is an extraordinarily precise actor. I am surely more instinctive. I like more to see what can happen in the moment. But he was patient with me …

Robert Redford: He said a lot to each other about the two of us. That we look alike, that he’s a different, younger version of me … when we worked together on And in the middle flows a river, it was an actor-director relationship. At the time, I had not hired him because of a possible resemblance or the color of his eyes and hair. I chose him because I felt like I could embody a certain prototype of an ideal young American, with a darker underlying facet related to how the character sees the world … Maybe that’s a role that I could have played myself 25 years earlier, but that ends there … Nine years have passed. People change, but I don’t think Brad has changed that much. I love her so much. We work well together. This time we were both actors, but that doesn’t change much. We have common opinions on a number of things, but our lives are very different. He lives in Hollywood, I in Utah and New York. We are friends, but we rarely see each other. He’s Brad, and I am me.

Brad Pitt no longer remembers the first rule of Fight Club!

The history of Spy Games: CIA veteran Nathan Muir is about to retire, but he will nevertheless embark on a very perilous mission to save one of his best men: Tom Bishop. The latter, with whom he teamed up, was captured in China while he was planning, without the agreement of CIA officials, to release a foreign detainee. On charges of espionage, he will be executed in 24 hours if Nathan, who worked with him until a young woman he met in Beirut separates the duo.

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