Squid Game: a high school student sentenced to death for bringing the series to North Korea

Squid Game

Six others were sentenced to five years of forced labor for watching the series.

Yes Squid Game has been a global phenomenon, one country still resists the South Korean invader: North Korea. While the country’s leader Kim Jong Un had issued several criticisms of the program broadcast on Netflix and from its direct neighbor, a new episode is added to this saga, this time bloody: Variety reports that a high school student, who illegally brought the series into North Korea, was sentenced to death. Six other high school students, accused of watching the series, are sentenced to five years of forced labor.

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The “smuggler” would have made enter the series on a USB key, while passing by China. He would then have shared it with his comrades. In response to this illegal act, the teenager was sentenced and faces death by firing squad. The other high school students were also sentenced, and the teachers and high school administration were fired. Their conviction could also include being banned from going to work in distant mines.

This very heavy sentence comes as North Korea introduced a new law banning the dissemination of foreign culture in the country. And by culture, understand music, cinema, literature … everything that is not approved by the party, and which very often comes from South Korea. Unfortunately, Squid Game falls into this category.

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