Squid Game: new symbol of protests in South Korea

Squid Game

Netflix’s event series is used in its home country to protest government policy.

With more than 142 million households worldwide having watched at least part of Squid Game, huge economic benefits (estimated at $ 891 million) and a worldwide craze for the series, no wonder the phenomenon Squid Game break the fourth wall to invite yourself into reality. Indeed, on Thursday, October 20, thousands of South Koreans wearing the costumes of the characters in the series gathered in the streets of the largest cities in the country to demonstrate against the government in place and demand better working conditions for them. most precarious employees.

About 80,000 members of the South Korean Confederation of Trade Unions went on strike in 13 different cities across South Korea on Wednesday local time to call on the country’s government to impose better working conditions on irregular workers and a minimum wage increase In Seoul alone, 27,000 people gathered to protest, prompting local authorities to deploy around 12,000 officers to put up “bus walls” and fences to control traffic. crowd, especially in Gwanghwamun Square, where most of the gatherings took place “, identifies Insider.

Calling for better working conditions, the demonstrators therefore donned the costumes of the characters of Squid Game, responsible in the series to maintain order and organize the games, with very recognizable masks since the success of the creation Netflix. The latter, addressing the issue of wage insecurity in South Korea, has become a real symbol of protest for the unions, taking up the subject of the series to apply it to reality. “If there is anyone who clearly understood what Squid Game was trying to say, it was the workers in South Korea who went on a general strike yesterday,” could be read on Twitter after the event.

This use of cinema and protest content in reality is not new: remembering for example the three raised fingers of the saga Hunger Games became symbols of pro-democracy demonstrations in Thailand in 2014, or the enigmatic dance of the five movements of The OA in the United States in 2017. So many elements taken up to fuel the protests of the demonstrators, to whom the masks of Squid Game are now added.

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