Squid Game only cost Netflix $ 21 million!

Squid Game

This is called a very good investment!

It is not known if they crammed the profits into a giant, transparent “pig” piggy bank in the middle of the lobby of Netflix HQ, but anyway Squid Game, it’s jackpot for the streamer! The South Korean drama has become a real social phenomenon in a few weeks. Those who maintain the buzz around the streaming platform and boost subscriptions. And according to Bloomberg, the initial investment was more than reasonable: Squid Game would have cost Netflix only $ 21.4 million in total, and is even part of a global check of $ 500 million that the American group signed a year ago, to massively produce South Korean entertainment for its platform.

Squid Game was supposed to be a movie: that’s why it turned into a Netflix series [exclu]

The least we can say is that Ted Sarandos and his team had a hollow nose. An incredibly profitable production for the Californian group. To compare, Squid Game cost much less to produce than most of its other successful series. Indeed, with an average cost of $ 2.4 million per episode (nine episodes in total), K-Drama is much cheaper than The Crown, which monies around $ 10 million per episode or Stranger Things which is around $ 8 million per episode.

Four to five times less investment, for such a spectacular return, is what you call betting on the right number, right?

let’s remember that Squid Game has become the biggest series in Netflix history by far! In the month following its release (the first 28 days to be exact), the Korean series was watched by 111 million households worldwide!

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