Squid Game: the costumes of the Netflix series are already a hit for Halloween

Squid Game costumes
Amazon / Netflix

Whether in numbered candidate jogging mode or a bright red goalkeeper outfit …

The worldwide success of Squid Game is bound to lead to a Halloween all dressed in red this year! According to Variety, the costumes derived from the very popular Netflix series are already selling massively. And both camps are possible.

First, that of the candidates! It is possible to disguise yourself as Kang Sae-byeok (number 67), or as number 001 (Oh Il-nam), 218 (Cho Sang-woo), 240 (Ji-yeong) and of course as number 456 ( Seong Gi-hun). It costs between $ 27 and $ 45 depending on the number chosen.

And if, on the other hand, you want to play the masked guards, it’s even more expensive: around $ 50 for the famous red jumpsuit, decked out with a circle, a square or a white triangle on chest, as in the series. You will necessarily add, for about twenty additional tickets, the famous black fencing mask, intended to hide your identity. The game can begin …

Squid Game Netflix

Note that all these costumes Squid Game are paradoxically for sale at Amazon, Netflix’s biggest streaming competitor (with its Prime Video branch).

So Netflix is ​​not left out and also offers, via its trading platform, its own derivative products stamped Squid Game. There are mostly t-shirts with the show’s logo and key images from the series, for the modest sum of $ 34.95 …

Squid Game Netflix

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