Squid Game: the first tracks for a season 2

Squid Game

Who will come back? And to do what ?

Given the historic success of Squid Game, there will most certainly be a sequel one day, in one form or another. And Lee Jung-jae will probably be back in season 2. The actor behind number 456 confirms in EW :

I got so much love and support from the audience that of course I’m going to replay it if there is a season 2. But at this point I don’t know anything about the turn of the story. , or how the characters will change, or if there will be new characters added to the series. And I don’t know if Gi-hun will always be the main hero or if he will have a more secondary role. Either way, I will say yes!

In the New York Times, the actor takes it a step further and tries to guess what might happen to the winner of the Squid Game, after he decided to stay in Korea, to fight the organizers: “The story can go in any direction and some of Gi-hun’s emotions are very complicated. I suppose he could try now to punish the creators of the game. Or he could try to prevent new competitors from playing it. Or he might even be tempted to join the game again … “

The fabulous parody of Squid Game at SNL with Rami Malek in number 218

As a winner of the Squid Game, he could also be offered the place of the boss, put himself under this Doctor Doom mask, and thus have the power to change the rules: “If that was the case, I believe Gi-hun would never let anyone die! If the story went in that direction, Gi-hun would end up in a position like Oh Il-nam, the old man. [numéro 001]. But you know, in Journey to Hell’s End, the character played by Christopher Walken never really comes out of the game … Maybe that’s what happens with Gi-hun too. “

Perhaps the hero of the series can also team up, in season 2, with Hwang Jun-ho! The policeman shot dead by his own brother – who turned out to be the master of the game – was pronounced dead, but his body was never seen. So the actor Wi Ha-jun still has hope that his character is still alive, to confront the one who betrayed him:

“I’m dying to know what happened to him… I want him to come back alive, find his brother and ask him tons of questions. As a brother, I could push him with sincerity. As a detective, I also want to explore the secrets of the game. I really hope to see policeman Jun-ho come back alive and explore all these questions …

For now, season 2 of Squid Game has not yet been formalized by Netflix.

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