Star Trek Expands Franchise With Cartoon Prodigy: Trailer

Star Trek Prodigy

New Aliens and Kathryn Janeway in the first images of this spinoff series for kids.

After the crazy cartoon for adults, with Lower Decks, the universe of Star Trek is now aimed at the little ones with Prodigy, a brand new animated series derived from the saga, which was unveiled yesterday during Comic-Con 2021 (which is still being held in virtual mode this year). Paramount + showed off a trailer (below) that introduces new Federation heroes, aliens, who join forces to leave their home planet and explore the stars together. They’ll get lucky and stumble upon a dormant Starfleet ship …

In addition, they will receive assistance from a veteran of Star Trek, namely Kate Mulgrew who will reprise her role as Kathryn Janeway cross in Travel and which will be the emergency training hologram integrated into the ship …

Star Trek: Prodigy will launch on Paramount + this fall.

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