Star Wars Eclipse: sublime trailer for the new game set in the Haute République

A breathtaking Cinematic trailer, which caused a sensation last night at the Game Awards 2021.

45 years after its creation, the universe imagined by George Lucas is still fascinating. Whereas Halo, the series, thought to make the event last night at the Game Awards 2021, it was somewhat eclipsed by a new game Star wars.

The future Star Wars: the Acolyte series recruits its main actress, new face of the dark side

Star Wars Eclipse stunned players, fans and the whole world with a spectacularly beautiful trailer, a breathtaking Cinematic trailer, which happily takes us back to the days of the High Republic, that of the age of ‘Gold of the Jedi, a few centuries before the events of the “prelogy”.

The proposed gameplay is still a little nebulous, but obviously, we will venture into an explored region of the Outer Rim, in an action-adventure game, with a narrative ambition with branches, the specialty of Quantic Dreams. Because yes, this Star wars will be signed by the French studio to which we owe the splendid Detroit, Heavy Rain or Beyond: Two Souls.

Currently in development between the EA studio in Vancouver and Paris, this Star Wars Eclipse does not yet have a release date.

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