Star Wars Rogue Squadron is still slated for cinemas in 2023

Filming for the next Star Wars blockbuster has yet to begin, but Disney is sticking with its release date.

Like their competitors, Disney studios took advantage of CinemaCon to unveil the first images of their most anticipated films, Avatar 2 on your mind, this week. As well as to update their release schedule. Surprised, the American press thus discovered that the first Avatar was going to be released in many theaters in the country next September, a few weeks before being able to discover its sequel, The Way of Water, announced for December 16 on the big screen. Another date that challenges: Star Wars Rogue Squadronby Patty Jenkinsis well maintained a year later, precisely on December 22, 2023, writes Slash Movie. A release date that was previously announced by the studio, but was assumed to be pushed back, given that the filming of this blockbuster has been delayed. It should have started at the start of 2022, but the director being too busy with the making of Wonder Woman 3 for Warner Bros., his shooting will not start right away. The project is currently in writingscreenwriter Matthew Robinson (Dora and the Lost City, Love and Monsters) having been hired last summer to touch up his script.

Does the production maintain this date to reassure the public? For the moment, the novelties in the universe of Star Wars are mainly developed on Disney+: the series The Mandalorian and The Book of Boba Fette have been a hit, and the platform is about to broadcast Obi-Wan Kenobi (from May 27), then Andor and Ahsoka. In the cinema, following the mixed receptions of Soloin 2018, then The Rise of Skywalkerin 2019 (the latter did well at the box office, but divided fans and critics), the next film projects were pushed back at the rate of a blockbuster every two years at the end of the year, from of 2023. Thus, the studio will alternate during each Christmas holiday between an episode ofAvatar, by James Cameron, and a new Star Wars directed by a different director each time. The first to be broadcast should therefore be that of Patty Jenkins, then Taika Waititi (Thor 3 and 4) must shoot one too, just like Rian Johnson, the director of the 8th part of the saga. We will probably know more next month, during the Star Wars Celebration? In general, the firm takes advantage of this event to make its biggest announcements…

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