Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker spoiler-free review

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Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker (2019)

Our opinion on Episode 9 of Star Wars, guaranteed without disclosure.

This Sunday, TF1 will broadcast unencrypted for the first time the last episode of the saga Star wars. The writing of First was rather disappointed by this end of the trilogy signed JJ Abrams. Here is our review.

What remains of Star Wars 9, six months later?

How to get a good Star wars ? An idea: perhaps by agreeing on the music. While remaining on the line drawn by the explosion of brass of the main theme which accompanies the title fleeing towards space, promising the most beautiful and the most unheard of adventures. Precisely when The Rise of Skywalker remains tuned on the notes of John Williams and sees itself as the purest entertainment possible, no problem. And in terms of what the Anglo-Saxons call entertainment, no problem, master JJ Abrams is in charge. We fly at lightning speed from one episode to another, from one MacGuffin to another, under heavy fire from salvos from all possible and unimaginable Chekhov’s rifles. As in his flamboyant Star Trek Into Darkness, Abrams deploys his entire arsenal of storyteller gifted to prevent the viewer from getting bored even for a nanosecond. The pleasure is accentuated by the abundance of physical special effects: bizarre aliens, funny droids and “hard” sets increase the feeling of immersion in the delightful universe of George Lucas, which here takes on a magnificent real, sensitive texture. We also feel that the cast – now well tuned to their characters, especially Daisy Ridley who fights with obvious confidence – takes great pleasure in acting, speaking and moving in this universe. Difficult to say more, even if it is impossible to summarize the plot, even if we wanted to divulge it to you to death (do not panic: we are preparing a review full spoiler in the coming days). In any case, with these dizzying visions of cinema and its hellish pace, the first twenty minutes of the film set up the new challenges of Episode 9 with breathtaking, and delightful speed. Let’s go for the galactic ride of the decade. Youhou!

Youhou, really? Because on the side of mythology, it stuck a bit. To sum up, without saying too much, The Rise of Skywalker is certainly not The Last Jedi ; which, depending on which camp you are in, is great news or Conversely the most depressing news of the year. Whatever you think of Star Wars Episode 8, Rian Johnson has chosen to settle scores with Star Wars mythology by taking it into the unknown the better to destroy it, with an explicit message: burn old things to try to create something new. The task of The Rise of Skywalker was to deal as much with what was left of the legacy of Star Wars mythology as with the consequences of the ‘scorched earth’ storytelling of the Last Jedi. JJ’s answers to the mysteries of Episodes 7 and 8 are crisp and clear.

JJAbrams on The Rise of Skywalker Criticism: “They’re Right”

Rather than burn his wings, Abrams clearly calms the game down, and delivers a Star Wars in the nails, providing the fan service as it deserves, without trying to come face to face with the myth. Abrams ultimately envisions Star Wars as a pulp gaming setting, like a leafing Flash Gordon. For security, surely. Bet on entertainment and nostalgia, rather than daring and the unknown – it was undoubtedly an industrial necessity for Disney to end the “Skywalker saga” on a reassuring note. Bet on union and harmony rather than dissent. This is understandable, but even at the end of his extraordinarily disproportionate final, where the filmmaker throws all his strength one last time, we will not be able to help but find this Rise of Skywalker an air of déjà vu. But for some Star Wars fans, used to wanting to replay and relive over and over again the same key scenes from their beloved mythology, the déjà vu of Episode 9 will have an air of paradise.

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