Star Wars: What does Rogue One mean?

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Star Wars: What does Rogue One mean?

Gareth Edwards finds several meanings in the title of his blockbuster.

Rogue one celebrates its fifth anniversary this Sunday on TF1. The opportunity to come back to an important element of the film, its title. All interspersed with links to other articles on this popular film of the saga Star wars. This broadcast will be followed byanother episode, n ° 9, The Rise of Skywalker.

Rogue one did he find his title in Avatar, we wondered at the beginning of summer 2016? In the movie James cameron, this is the code name of the spaceship piloted by Trudy (Michel rodriguez), a character who has changed sides throughout the story. A simple coincidence? Not so sure, given that the two blockbusters have one important point in common, John knoll. The special effects specialist, originally from ILM alongside George Lucas, oversaw the VFX ofAvatar, then took part in launching the project Rogue one as a co-writer …

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An episode apart

Without making the connection with Avatar, Empire asked the director Gareth Edwards what was the meaning of its title. Snape can mean many things in English: scoundrel, scoundrel, savage, traitor, lonely… even undesirable. The plot follows a team of rebels tasked with stealing the Dark Star’s plans, Rogue one has several meanings here, explains its director. “It’s not just a reference to the Rogue Squadron, he begins by recalling that a rebel squadron bears this name within the universe of Star Wars. I thought about it a lot. What does it mean ? Rogue One is a military term, but it’s deeper than that for our film because it’s also the first separate episode in the franchise, the only one not to follow Anakin’s story. . This is the ‘solo’ episode, you see? It’s also a way of describing the heroine (Jyn Erso, played by Felicity jones, a rebel who does not look like the other characters of Star wars, editor’s note). In fact, these two words can have several meanings and that is why they seemed to us to be the ideal choice “. Is Edwards himself a “rogue one” at Hollywood ? After only two feature films made for the cinema, Monsters in 2010 and Godzilla four years later, he was hired by Disney to stage this massive blockbuster. “I do not know, he replies in the British magazine. I don’t really see myself that way, but on the other hand that would be cool. In any case, we try different things on this film, it’s undeniable “.

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