Stephen Dorff slams Black Widow: “I’m ashamed for Scarlett Johansson”

Stephen Dorff in Blade
New Line Cinema

According to the villain of Blade, the latest Marvel is “a bad video game.”

He’s not quite a Hollywood superstar … But with a starring role in season 3 of True Detective or in the excellent film by Sofia Coppola, Somewhere, Stephen dorff still managed a great career, carefully choosing his roles.

This is what he criticizes some and more specifically Scarlett johnasson, during a recent interview published across the Channel in The Independent. The 47-year-old actor balances cash: “I’m always on the hunt for good stuff to do (as an actor), because I don’t want to end up in Black Widow! It looks like a big pile of garbage to me. It looks like a bad video game. I’m ashamed for these people. I’m ashamed for Scarlett (Johansson)! I’m sure she got paid $ 5 or $ 7 million, but I’m ashamed for her. I don’t wanna be in these movies . I really don’t want to. I want to find this young director who will be the next Kubrick and play for him instead. “

Black Widow accomplishes her entertainment mission [critique]

Stephen dorff forgets that he too was sealed for Marvel at the start of his career, playing the big bad of Blade, opposite Wesley Snipes, in 1996.

Featured in the police TV series Deputy, canceled last year after only one season, the actor took the opportunity to castigate the recent Oscars, which were “the most embarrassing thing I have ever seen. My (film) industry is turning into a big game show. You have actors who have no idea what they’re doing. You have filmmakers. who have no idea what they’re doing. We’re all in little boxes on streaming platforms. TV, movies … it’s just a big cluster of content now. “

What makes say to Stephen dorff that he has no regrets about his career choices, including playing in John Waters’ wacky comedy Cecil B. Demented (in 2000), instead “from a shit movie” qWhat his agents had recommended him to do at the time:

“Why wouldn’t I make a John Waters movie? The other movie I was offered instead sucked! My agents told me the Waters movie wouldn’t help my career or my bank account. I don’t care, instead I go to Cannes and we get a standing ovation. And kids all over the world, art students and John Waters fans love this fucking movie today. obviously fired those agents! “

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