Stephen Lang cried bitterly while reading Avatar 5 script

The actor discusses his reunion with James Cameron.

Stephen lang, the interpreter of Colonel Quaritch in Avatar, will come back playing the villain in the sequels, and he just revealed to Collider than reading the ultimate opus written by James Cameron, Avatar 5, had particularly moved him: “When I finished the last script, I was crying bitter tears. I thought it was so beautiful. In this final script, it tells a great story, original and beautiful, and it moved me incredibly. I hope. that the public will feel that will be too, I believe it anyway, because it is one of the things that (James Cameron) is most successful: bringing emotions to the screen in such a literal way. You see what I mean ? You see it right from the reading. You read his words and immediately visualize them. “

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The 69-year-old actor also returned to the filmmaker’s mastery of new technologies, who obviously found the performance capture to give life to several characters from the next four films: “He still pushes the sliders a little deeper on these sequels. I won’t spoil anything, but I remember shooting a sequence where there was a problem with the scale. I’ll just say that. It was demoralizing, we had to put everything on hold because of this. At the time, no one could find a solution to this problem. Except him. By the time it was settled, we stopped filming this scene and worked on another The next day, he came back to see me all excited to say: ‘I have found the right algorithm to succeed in this plan!’ He started explaining to me, but I was wondering, ‘What is he talking to me about? I have no idea what he’s talking about.’ Finally, he did it. He created a problem, there was a problem because of a sequence he wanted to shoot in a certain way, then something happened and he solved it. . That’s what he’s been doing his whole career! It’s both cool and awesome. “

Avatar 2 is slated for release in December 2022, and then each new sequel will be scheduled in the same month, every two years.

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