Steven Soderbergh doesn’t understand why ‘no one fucks’ in superhero movies

“I wouldn’t know how to write characters in a universe where they don’t exist”

If you were ever wondering (you do what you want with your free time, we don’t judge), Steven Soderbergh doesn’t really seem ready to make a superhero movie. In an interview with The Daily Beastwith a view to the release this week of his thriller Kimi (in the United States only, it will be available on March 10 on VOD here), the director confides his lack of interest in encapés: “ And I’m no snob. I don’t consider the genre inferior, not at all. It’s just linked to the universe that we know how to occupy as a director. I’m too down to earth to get involved in a universe where Newtonian physics doesn’t exist. I lack imagination on this. And then for most of these films, I struggle to understand their world and how to write or oversee the writing of the story and the characters. Other than the fact that you can bend time, defy gravity, and shoot laser beams with your fingers, there’s no fucking. Nobody fucks! I wouldn’t know how to write characters in a universe where that doesn’t exist. »

And to add that he also wonders about a specific point of superhero films: “ But who pays these people? Who do they work for? How do they get this job? “As many completely legitimate questions which make us say that we would in fact very much like to see him deconstruct the superheroic blockbuster. Remember that Steven Soderbergh is currently preparing to shoot the third part of magic mike and that the scenario writer connects the projects at the rate of one or two films per year. We can only recommend his last two films to date, The Great Crossing and No Sudden Move.

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