Steven Spielberg and his critically acclaimed West Side Story

The director has achieved a feat, according to the press, which applauds his remake with both hands.

If you are wondering why Steven spielberg has embarked on a not necessarily necessary remake of West Side Story, the American press has the answer! Critics are unanimous: the new film by the cult director is a total success, juggling a new, more modern vision and absolute fidelity to the original work.

“This is the most exhilarating film Spielberg has made in years”, title downright the Los Angeles Times. “Its version is probably rougher, more surly, more real in terms of cultural representation, more truthful than this film version of 1961. But it is also in the vein of great classicism, more brilliantly stylized than any production of ‘a major American studio in recent years. “

Variety is at least as enthusiastic and believes that Steven spielberg knew “give this musical classic a tangible and catchy update. ” For the specialist magazine, the director “appropriates the 1957 Broadway play and stays true to what generations have loved (…) The entire film feels as contemporary as it needs to be. This West Side Story is a vibrant, live movie theater. “

“Spielberg Hits Near Impossible Bet With This Brilliant Remake”, title for its part EW, who insists: “It sounds like a rare achievement, to try to scale something so unchanging, after more than half a century …”

The Hollywood Reporter reassures and ensures that there is “no embarrassment in having to indulge in the sheer beauty and lofty style of this pure big screen entertainment, both a clever reimagining of West Side Story, on contemporary values, and at the same time a return in the past sumptuously tied up “.

Finally, the AV Club website sums it up in a few words: this version is “beautifully faithful “ to the original. “Spielberg revels in the opportunity to rekindle the glamor of a bygone era, that of Hollywood musicals, while providing crucial and thoughtful updates … songs from West Side Story in years you’ve never seen him like this. “

the West Side Story of Steven spielberg will be released on December 8 at the cinema in France.

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