Strange World: a first concept art for the next Disney animated film

The film should take viewers on “a fabulous journey to the heart of an unexplored and menacing land populated by fantastic creatures”.

Whereas Encanto, the fantastic Madrigal family A box office hit, the Disney studios are not resting on their new success and are already thinking about their next productions. At the top of the list: Strange World, realized by Don hall (The New Heroes, Raya and the last dragon), which is already revealed in a first concept-art:

Strange World - concept art from the new Disney (long)

Recounting a fabulous journey into the heart of an unexplored and menacing land populated by fantastic creatures in the company of the Clades, a family of legendary explorers whose disputes could derail their last and by far their most important mission, Strange World is inspired by “Pulps“, popular and inexpensive comics that rocked the director’s childhood: “I loved reading old issues of”Pulps“growing up. There were great adventures in which a group of explorers could discover a hidden world or ancient creatures. They were a huge source of inspiration for Strange Worldexplains Don Hall, on the upcoming animated film.

Alongside Don Hall, Who Nguyen co-directs the film and co-writes the screenplay. Strange World marks their second collaboration after Raya, on which the two filmmakers had already worked together. Roy Conli will also be in the credits as a producer, after The New Heroes and Rapunzel.

Finally, if other details are expected, we already know that Strange World will come out November 23, 2022. However, it is not clear whether this release will be at the cinema or on Disney Plus.

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