Strange World in streaming: the FNCF asks Disney to reconsider its choice

The Federation accuses Disney of instrumentalizing cinemas.

Disney’s decision not to release its next animated film, Avalonia, the strange journey (Strange World), did not fail to react to the National Federation of French Cinemas. In a statement, “the FNCF asks Disney to reconsider this choice and invites it to participate in the meetings that the CNC will organize within the framework of the appointment clause provided for in the agreement on the chronology of the media

As the FNCF points out, Disney nevertheless continues to release films in cinemas in France, like the last Doctor Strangeand this will be the case again this summer with Thor: Love and Thunder and Buzz Lightning. But the American company obviously wanted to strike a blow by canceling the cinema release ofAvalonia, the strange journey to denounce the chronology of the media in force in France.

In addition to the 17-month period to be able to add films on Disney Plus that have gone through the cinema box, the firm with big ears protests against the rule stipulating that they must then leave the platform to allow free-to-air channels to broadcast them. On this specific point, the FNCF regrets that “cinemas are instrumentalized by this decision, totally unacceptable, and terribly unfair“.

It’s a losing choice for everyone: for spectators, for cinemas, for other film broadcasters like Canal +, and free-to-air channels, and ultimately for Disney, which is depriving itself in France, the 1st country cinema in Europe, considerable receipts and an unequaled exposure for this film“, continues the press release.

After this public contest, the sequel to the soap should continue behind the scenes, and we can hope that the different parties reach an agreement so that the next Disney films continue to be released in cinemas.

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