Stranger Things: Haunted House in Season 4 First Look

Stranger Things season 4

But what terrible secret is inside the House of Creels?

Taking advantage of its big TuDum event this weekend, Netflix unveiled a lengthy unseen preview of Season 4 of Stranger Things. A two-minute extract, which shows us a very beautiful Hawkins mansion, which conceals terrible secrets …

This House of Creels lived in a happy united family in the 1950s before being the scene of a horrific and bloody massacre. Who ? Why ? The sinister mystery remains, but it is in any case here that, thirty years later, Dustin, Steve and the rest of the gang will go to investigate. From what the video suggests, we understand that this Manoir Creel is in fact a new gateway to the Upside Down world …

As a bonus, we are confirmed that season 4 of Stranger Things will not be released until 2022, on Netflix.

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