Stranger Things: Noah Schnapp can’t take Will’s haircut anymore! [exclu]

Stranger Things Will

“I keep asking them to change, but they don’t want to! They are really passionate about her very 80’s look”.

On Friday, little Will Byers will be back in season 4 of Stranger Things, on Netflix. And if he has grown well, since the end of season 3, now a high school student in California, the kid will always have this not very happy haircut, a sort of bowl cut from the 80s, that many 40-somethings in 2022 know Very good…

It’s been six years since Noah Schnapp plays Joyce’s son. Six years that he wears this style on the screen. And for Première, he confides with humor that he is fed up: “I very often ask the authors to include this or that in Will’s writing… and especially with regard to his haircut! I keep asking them to change it, but they don’t want to (laughs) They’re really passionate about its very 80’s look”, tells us the actor, now 17 years old. “It’s very important for the producers and they don’t want to touch it.”

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According to the seasons, the production shapes this hair style “with extensions or some kind of wig, to actually replicate Will’s look from season 1. In season 4, they cut my hair and put in extensions.”

“It really sucks…honestly…but hey, it’s part of the job. Kind of like when Millie (Bobby Brown) has to shave her head for Eleven!”

good player, Noah Schnapp is therefore ready to sacrifice her hair for the love of art. For Stranger Things. But don’t go asking her to walk the red carpets with this cut or even just to keep her hair like this once the shooting is over: “No! Never in life (laughs) You’re sick… Certainly not! It’s fun to wear on the set, but clearly not in real life!”

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