Stranger Things, season 4: Will Will come out in Volume 2?

Stranger Things Will

The young boy’s feelings for his best friend Mike seem openly confused in this Volume 1. So will Will come out as gay in the sequel?

If it is quite secondary in the intrigues of Volume 1 of season 4 of Stranger ThingsWill Byers has clearly evolved a lot since season 3. And while Mike comes to visit Eleven and the Byers, now settled in California, the young boy suddenly seems to be looking at his best friend with Chimene’s eyes.

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He even confesses to her in episode 4: “Sometimes I think it’s just scary to open up to others… to say how you really feel, especially to the people you care about the most. What if they didn’t like the truth?“Which clearly suggests that Will would like to declare his feelings to Mike. So are you going to come out in Volume 2?

For Noah Schnappinterrogates by Varietythis remains deliberately vague: “I feel like they never really talk about it or openly say where Will is (in his sexuality). I think that’s the beauty of it. is simply left to the public’s interpretation: is it Will who simply refuses to grow up and grows more slowly than his friends, or is he really gay?” And Noah Schnapp to add: “He’s just confused as he grows up. He doesn’t know where he is anymore.”

For her part, Millie Bobby Brown confirms by saying that it is better “avoid labels“. According to the interpreter of Eleven, “Will’s character is just a human being going through his own demons, personal issues. So many kids don’t know where they are. And that’s OK. It’s OK not to know. That’s OK not to always put a label”.

However, in an interview with Digital SpyFinn Wolfhard, aka Mike, is much clearer that Will’s feelings for Mike are indeed romantic: “I think you slowly discover over the course of the season, the kind of love Will has for Mike. And I think that’s a very beautiful thing.”

To be continued in Volume 2 of Season 4 of Stranger Thingson July 1 on Netflix.

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