Stranger Things, season 5: “I’m sure it won’t be long”

Stranger Things 4

“They saw that the fans had found the time long between season 3 and season 4”, promises actor Noah Schnapp.

The first 7 episodes of season 4 of Stranger Things were uploaded by Netflix on Friday. We will have to wait a few weeks before seeing the rest and the end of this penultimate chapter. Volume 2, consisting of two large episodes, will indeed be broadcast on July 1st. And after ?

Stranger Things will return for a season 5. A final season to complete the story of Eleven and the Upside Down. But when will we see it? It took three years to Stranger Things between seasons 3 and 4. But season 5, already ordered, should take less time to reach us:

“They haven’t told us yet, but I’m sure it won’t be long. They saw that the fans had found the time long between season 3 and season 4”, tells us the actor Noah Schnapp.

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The young interpreter of Will Byers then reveals to Première already know part of the end: “There are certain things that they have already revealed to us… Elements that they revealed to us from the beginning, when the series was created. Afterwards, I can’t wait to see that. I hope a total happy ending, even if I know that there will also necessarily be a few tears. Above all, I want people to finally have the answers to the questions they are asking about the mythology of the series. The Upside Down and all that… I think it’s important that the show answers everything before it ends.”

Anyway, for Noah Schnapp, this conclusion will necessarily be a moving moment, he who has played Will since the age of 11. Who grew up with him, and with all the other Hawkins kids: “Obviously it’s a bit strange feeling to know that it’s ending… There’s a lot of nostalgia because it will be very hard to say goodbye. I don’t know if I’m ready to leave Stranger Things behind me, it’s such a huge part of my life. So much I grew up with. But at the same time, I’m excited to move on. To see what awaits me.”

Besides, Noah Schnapp secretly hopes it won’t be a final farewell: “How about a spin-off or something like that in the franchise? I’d love to do a Will spin-off, of course!”

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