Stranger Things spin-off on Eleven to be considered by Netflix

Stranger Things

The main series is slated to end in season 5.

This summer, Shawn Levy, the director of Free Guy with Ryan Reynolds, but also one of the producers of the series Stranger Things for Netflix, revealed that the end of the series was near, and that it had already been imagined by the Duffer brothers: “I have the end in sight. The brothers [Duffer, créateurs de la série] have the end in sight. There’s a plan, which we’ll reveal soon, maybe not around Season 4, but soon. That I can say. Nobody makes up the series as it goes, there is an endgame, if you will. “.
It has been rumored since that after the broadcast of season 4 scheduled for this 2022, the fifth will be the last.

However, the team is already thinking about spin-offs. The idea was raised precisely this summer, in response to Shawn Levy’s proposals, and it has just been confirmed by Ted Sarandos, the boss of Netflix, when he gave a press conference to take stock of his platform. streaming. Revealing what were his biggest successes in films and series, he stopped for a moment on the example of Stranger Things, explaining that “franchises are good, but what we all want are hits”. Then he referred to the series as “a franchise in the making “, suggesting that spin-offs are on the agenda. In Hollywood, it is rumored that the first of these could be dedicated to Eleven, the character who first revealed Millie Bobby Brown to the public and who is a fan favorite of the series. Thanks to the success of the show, the young actress also had other opportunities on Netflix, including the family film. Enola Holmes, which is about to have a sequel.

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