Stranger Things spin-offs coming soon?

Stranger Things spin-offs coming soon?

The series is due to end soon, but Netflix is ​​not going to stop there …

Shawn levy is currently promoting his films Free Guy, with Ryan Reynolds, and logically does not escape questions about the series Stranger Things, of which he is one of the co-producers. Last week he thus confirmed that the Duffer brothers show would soon be over, and hinted that its creators had already imagined how it would end: “I have the end in sight. The brothers [Duffer, créateurs de la série] have the end in sight. There’s a plan, which we’ll reveal soon, maybe not around Season 4, but soon. That I can say. Nobody invents the series as it goes, there is indeed an endgame, if you will “ Words that stick to the initial goal of five seasons. For the moment, only three have been broadcast, which leaves a couple of years before discovering this famous ending.

Near Collider, Levy also explained that the fact of Stranger Things This does not mean to put an end to this universe: according to him, the series is so successful that Netflix should decline it in the form of spin-offs. “It’s clear that this is one of the biggest hits in Netflix history, if not the biggest. Of course, there are other shows that have been involved in the evolution of the platform, but with 196 million spectators, Stranger Things is unique within this service. There is a real interest, an appetite for this series. The fans also devour all the formats around her, and there is a way to further develop her characters, her mythology. Of course, these conversations evolve with the seasons, but they do exist, yes. “

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