Stranger Things: the Duffers present “Vecna”, the monster of season 4

Stranger Things Vecna

The new villain who will haunt Hawkins, inspired by Hellraiser and Freddie Kruger…

The new trailer for Stranger Thingsposted online this week, notably revealed the new villain of the series, a frightening monster, who will (again) shake up the peaceful life of the inhabitants of the small town of Hawkins, Indiana.

“So many bad things have happened in this town… People are starting to wonder what’s going on there!” reveals the Duffer brothers in a interview at IGNto teaser the first part of season 4. “The government tried to shove things under the rug, but this fire in the mall and everything that happened around it was too big for people to ignore. So there is this growing feeling that there is there is something wrong with this town and some will even start saying it is cursed…”

And the arrival of Eleven’s new nemesis will certainly prove them right. A new big villain who will be called “Vecna”, have already announced the Duffers, who explain that they thought of this monster in the vein of hellraisera horror character that echoes the movie creatures that terrified them when they were little, by Freddie Kruger (from Claws of Night) to Pinhead (from hellraiser) to the clown Pennywise (from That)…

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“It’s the monsters that really inspired us this season. We also wanted to go back to what we did in Season 1, which was a monster that we could do in real life on set. What you see in the show is 90% done with practical effects. And Vecna, throughout the season, is 90% done with practical effects! We wanted an on-set presence that our actors could react to. Because in the season 3, they were playing in front of a beach ball… So there, we wanted something that we could actually film, and I just think it makes this villain more scary and more real and tangible…”

Especially since it is Barrie Gower, artist behind the terrifying look of the Night King of Game Of Thronesbut also irradiated victims of Chernobylwho handled the effects of Vecna!

We will see that in the first part of season 4 of Stranger Thingswhich will be released on May 27 on Netflix.

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