Stranger Things: “the end is in sight”, says its producer

Stranger Things season 3

Will Stranger Things season 5 be the last? Shawn Levy says the end of the series is on the radar anyway.

Soon, Stranger Things will end. One day. But when ? In an interview given to Collider for the release of his new film Free Guy with Ryan Reynolds (and Joe Keery aka Steve in Stranger Things), director Shawn Levy, also producer of the series, says the end is near. Not the end of the world, but that of Stranger Things : “I have the end in sight. The brothers [Duffer, créateurs de la série] have the end in sight. There’s a plan, which we’ll reveal soon, maybe not around the time of Season 4, but soon. That I can say. Nobody invents the series as it goes, there is indeed an endgame, if you will “, Shawn says.

Season 4 of Stranger Things, which is due to start in 2022 on Netflix, could then be the penultimate and season 5 could see the end of the adventures of Eleven, Sheriff Hopper and their boyfriends in the fantastic universe (inspired by the cult movies ) from the 80s. Imagine being in Shawn Levy’s shoes, knowing where the show is heading and not being able to say anything. The end is near !

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