Stranger Things: the essential recap of seasons 1 to 3 on video

stranger things season 4

Before diving into Season 4, take a quarter of an hour to refresh your memory.

It has been almost three years since Stranger Things did not return to Netflix. Three whole years between season 3 and season 4… It’s long and inevitably, there is a lot of need to refresh your memory, before returning to Indiana. So what happened previously in Stranger Things ?

The streaming platform has just unveiled three essential recap videos, which look back on the highlights of the old chapters.

Starting with season 1 and the disappearance of Will Byers, which launched the whole story. We discovered the Upside Down world, little Eleven, escaped from Dr Brenner’s laboratory, her meeting with Mike and the gang, and of course the terrible Demorgogon, who was going to be pulverized by the little telepath… giving his life for protect his new friends…

But no sacrifice in reality. Eleven survived and returned to our world, she was taken in by Hopper, who protects her as the daughter he lost. Meanwhile, the Mind Flayer passes the second and launches a massive attack on Hawkins (where Max and his big brother Billy have just arrived) with his “Demo-dogs”. Still connected to the Upside Down, Will discovers the secret portal in the lab and it’s still Eleven who will stick to it (after having made a trip to Chicago to find N°8, which the video completely hides.. .). The teenagers of Stranger Things end the year with a sweet kiss at the school ball. All’s well That ends well…

But not really! The Mind-Flayer is still on the prowl and in season 3, he will take possession of Billy, after the Soviets have opened a passage to the Upside Down, under Hawkins Mall. While they now spend most of their time smooching each other (much to Will’s annoyance), Mike and Eleven resume service to destroy the monster, while Steve, Robin, Dustin, Hopper and Joyce take care of the Russians. Jim sacrifices himself to close the portal. Billy too is killed in battle. Eleven, who has lost her powers, ends up moving with the Byers family, who need a fresh start, to California.

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