Stranger Things: the series ends because the story ends

Stranger Things 4

Producer Shawn Levy explains that the Duffer brothers have long had a clear vision of how this should all end.

There are still about twenty episodes to go alongside Eleven and her friends and then Stranger Things will end. While season 4 will be released in two parts on May 27 and July 1, 2022, Netflix has already placed an order for season 5, which will be the last.

Makes sense, for executive producer Shawn Levy, who explains to ScreenRant: “Well, we never wanted to run in a vacuum, to continue on the wind. We only want to tell the story that the brothers [Duffer] have seen and felt with clarity within.”

Stranger Things: the posters of season 4 reveal the dates and announce the end!

Thus Shawn Levy confirms that it is not at all a cancellation of Netflix. It’s not the network that stops Stranger Things : “It had been clear for a while that the Duffers knew exactly where they wanted to go. Their ark was traced. Above all, we don’t want to overflow and stay on the air one second too long, beyond this vision.”

But the producer reminds us that there is still time before the end of Stranger Things : “Rather than focusing on this sad day that will come who knows when, it is better to look into season 4. The wait has been long. But I swear the world will realize that it was worth it.”

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