Stranger Things wants to avoid making the same mistake as Lost

Stranger Things Hopper

David Harbor evokes season 4 and promises that the pieces of the series’ puzzle will fit together, without forgetting anything along the way.

David Harbor was at New York Comic Con this weekend, telling fans about Season 4 of Stranger Things. And Chef Hopper’s interpreter claims to have “the best storyline of this season ” (via Entertainment Weekly).

But he goes on to explain that we will see, next year, “new information about Eleven and Dr Brenner and this institution. We will discover in more detail what she lived and what she went through. Then there’s this new Creel House thing (see the first preview), which is this new element of a thing happening in Hawkins. Everything is linked, of course. “

Stranger Things: Haunted House in Season 4 First Look

Above all, David Harbor promises, with humor, that Stranger Things draws his intrigues “so as to ensure that we will not have an ending like the Lost! If you know what I mean … But what happened to that polar bear ?! We try to make all the storylines complement each other, meet each other and all the elements of the story make sense to make a unique puzzle. This season 4 poses a lot of problems in this regard.

Season 4 of Stranger Things will not be released until 2022, on Netflix.

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