Subscribers to a streaming platform go to the cinema less, confirms a study

12% of people questioned no longer go there at all, and the majority of people questioned mainly watch series.

The AFCAE, the French Association of Arthouse Cinemas, asked Ifop for a study to better understand the consumption of series and films in France. American platforms such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, etc. delivering few figures to the public, difficult to know the new habits of (television) viewers. That’s why they asked 2,000 people aged 15 and over to answer a series of questions in early April 2022.

62% of those questioned say they subscribe to paid audiovisual offers (for example Canal +), and 55% to at least one SVOD offer (22% do not combine offers). Among subscriptions, Netflix is ​​by far in the lead within this panel of viewers, representing 45% of responses (including 58% of 25-49 year olds), compared to 28% for Prime Video, 19% for Disney+ and 14 % for MyCanal. At the question “What are the main benefits of using these subscription video services?“, 71% of respondents answer “I can choose to watch a movie whenever I want”57% mention “The lack of publicity”56% cite “I can stop watching a movie whenever I want”54% “It’s quick and easy to use” and 53% “I have the choice among a wide choice of proposals”. The cost, the fact of being able to watch a program on several media or not having to go to the cinema are much further away, with 29%, 31% and 25% of responses respectively.

Faced with the growing success of these platforms (the study also shows that the phenomenon has accelerated since the closure of dark rooms during the confinements in 2020 and 2021), do subscribers continue to go to the cinema? 5% of respondents say they go there more often, 54% at the same pace as before taking out their subscription(s), 29% less often and 12% say they no longer see any films on the big screen. That is 41% of SVOD subscribers who recognize that this mode of distribution has a negative impact on cinemas.

Ifop study for AFCAE: The most watched series and films by subscribers to SVOD platforms
Ifop study for AFCAE

The study points out that at least a third of people subscribing to an SVOD service watch films and series on a weekly basis. She also notes a clear preference for series: 52% of respondents say they watch mainly series, and 18% mainly films. The share of viewers who only watch one or the other amounts to 4% for each category. The most watched series, all platforms combined, are Netflix productions: Money Heist, Lupin and Squid Game are the most cited here. Some films do well, however, especially in the area of ​​animation: Luca, Soul and Red alert are hits on Disney+ and Hotel Transylvania 4 offered on Amazon, also invites itself into the top.

Read the Ifop study for AFCAE hereillustrated by graphs to better understand the evolution of spectator habits since 2020.

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