Succession patriarch delivers powerful speech against war in Ukraine at SAG Awards

Brian Cox Succession Sag awards
Twitter SAG Awards/Screenshot

Last night, Brian Cox paid tribute to the Ukrainian people and their President, but also to the oppressed Russian artists, who cannot express their dissatisfaction with the policies of Vladimir Putin.

Les Roy is world class! A big favorite at the 28th SAG Awards last night, the cast of Succession won the main award, Best Ensemble for a Series. The whole family is on stage and of course it’s the patriarch, Brian Coxwho received the award on behalf of all.

And his speech took an astonishing political turn, when the British actor began to talk about the war in Ukraine: “It’s particularly awful. It affects a lot of people and especially in our profession.” begins Cox, before greeting President Zelensky, a former conferee and television comedian, who became President of Ukraine three years ago.

But beyond his support for the invaded country, the star of Succession made a point of speaking about oppressed artists in Russia: “What also touches me is what is happening in Russia to my fellow actors, actresses, performers and critics. They are told – on pain of high treason – that they cannot say a word about Ukraine. And I think that’s awful. I think we should all be in solidarity too with those people in Russia who don’t like what’s going on right now…

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