Succession, season 3: Connor Roy, Me, President …

Succession Season 3 - Connor Roy

Could he really get to the White House? The actor Alan Ruck leaves the door wide open and even goes a little further in his program …

Succession has taken a new step in Machiavellianism. Episode 6 of season 3 (in France on OCS) saw the Roy family manipulate the Republican party as they pleased, to the point of choosing the name of who will be their next presidential candidate and the very likely future. tenant of the White House. Attention spoilers!

“I think I owe it to my country to say this: I don’t think you should crown Connor as President …” Cousin Greg (Nicholas Braun) drops this little bombshell, while dad Logan seems to be considering the possibility more and more seriously. On the gong, it is finally Roman’s foal who will have the suffrage of the powerful patriarch. Jeryd Mencken (Justin Kirk) will be the Republican candidate. But this far-right populist, hated by Shiv, always progressive at heart, will certainly have a hard time going to the end and we can see Connor’s name resurfacing before the end of season 3.

Succession: “There is a natural end coming soon”

The actor Alan ruck seems of the same opinion and is confides in Variety on the real political ambitions of his character as Succession. Do not think that this is impossible. Trump was indeed elected President in real life:

“We’ve all been through this for real, so we all can’t take anything for granted! The country is big and so fractured – there are millions of people living on a different wavelength. There are a lot of people who have been ignored this way and have been for a long time. People think that because they are Americans all their dreams are going to come true and if someone shows up, like Trump did, pointing finger elites and technocracy as the problem … This is nothing new. This is the front page of the Nazi guide. When you have a bunch of disenfranchised people and they are angry and they’re looking for someone to blame … It can happen. I’m not sure exactly how Connor is going to present himself, but he learns that in order to get ahead in this family you have to play dirty. And now he’s more and more willing. to do it.”

Connor is very motivated. And if he’s not Roy’s and Republicans’ favorite for now, the son could even choose to run as an independent candidate, without the party: “That’s not a far-fetched idea at all! Connor is determined to make his mark as best he can. If that means becoming a third party or an independent, that’s okay. Connor just hopes. that he will have enough followers at the convention (of the Republicans) who will come and tell him that they are ready to support him. He is looking to increase his power. And if that means going against the grain of the family, I think. that he would do it without hesitation. “

But then what President would Connor Roy be if he were inadvertently elected by universal suffrage? According to Alan ruck, not the best tenant in the Oval Office … “He is very interested in his desire to protect his wealth, and he does not want to pay taxes. He has a sketchy ideology. Connor’s brain is like a messy box of Trivial Pursuit cards. He’s not a dumb supermodel, but he’s really scattered and delusional. Politically so far all he wants is to find something that makes his father say he’s amazing … which never happened in Connor’s life! He never received praise from his father. He’s trying to find something that will impress him. “

And if elected, President Roy would not risk appointing Shiv or Roman as Vice President or Chief of Staff. “Not without the slightest doubt “, respond Alan ruck before specifying: “It’s Connor’s game, and he wouldn’t want it to be spoiled by his siblings, who are unable to listen. (..) Connor wouldn’t want them around him! “

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