Succession, season 3: why is Connor apart in the Roy family?

Succession season 3

Actor Alan Ruck explains why the elder is so out of step with his siblings.

Still quite discreet in season 3 of SuccessionConnor Roy remains around, crouching in the shadows. “For money. Money is God in this family“, summarizes the actor Alan ruck in interview with TVLine. Nevertheless, we feel that he could have a major role to play in the episodes to come. Especially if he manages to position himself as a credible candidate for the American Presidential election!

‘He doesn’t really have a schedule. That’s what goes through his head when it reads through his head “, resumes Alan ruck. “Its program is very flexible. In Season 2, Maxim asks him if he can nominate a member of the House of Representatives committee, in Congress, and he has no idea. But it is not a matter of concern for him. He told himself he would see along the way. That it will be done by itself. That there will be people to help him. Its goal is to remove all taxes … “

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While waiting to see if his message will be heard by the people, Connor Roy stays away from the family. And if he looks apart, it’s because they feel “absolutely excluded“. Why? Where does its difference come from?

“Logan divorced Connor’s mom when Connor was around 8, and he didn’t see his dad for years, actually. Then he lived with his mom, who we found out had problems. mental problems, so it was not a happy childhood“, Explain Alan ruck in details. “And then Logan married Caroline and had these three exceptionally bright kids, born badly with a silver spoon in their mouths, brats. And I think Connor has been at the center of his siblings’ ridicule and mockery from a young age. If so, when they were 10 or 11, they were like, what if we set Connor on fire for fun? So yes, he always felt like he was knocking on the door to get a seat. I think Connor has a genuine affection for his siblings. On some level, maybe they like it too. But you know, everyone is so self-centered in this family. He’s nobody’s priority … “

A painful childhood, a place impossible to find in the siblings, and also a youth out of step, if we are to believe Alan ruck. The actor tells the story of the “backstory” he invented for his character:

“The creator, Jesse Armstrong, gave me some clues about who my mom was, the fact that she’s dead now. It was up to me to draw this guy’s childhood and youth in that context. I deduced that when he left for the University of Illinois in the 1970s there was this group of nerds called The Society for Creative. [Anachronism]. They dressed like lords and ladies of medieval times. They were trying to talk to each other in archaic English. I tell myself that Connor would have been into something like that. And then Connor reads a lot. But he doesn’t read anything current. He reads Marcel Proust or Dostoevsky. Stuff that has already been validated and then he says: Oh, this is a fabulous book! Besides, I read Dostoyevsky’s Idiot myself because I felt that Connor would identify with Prince Myshkin. But if Prince Myshkin is a Christ figure of some sort, Connor might just be an idiot actually … “

Season 3 of Succession will continue Sunday on HBO and in France on OCS in US + 24.

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