Succession: the start of season 3 explained

Succession season 3

“This event that has happened to him is a heavy weight weighing on him, a heavy burden to bear.”

After two years of absence, the family is back to go to war. Blame it on Kendall. After blowing it all up in the season 2 finale of Succession, he must now deal with the consequences of his press conference. And the least we can say is that he assumes. Attention spoilers!

Kendall roy

In the madness of the moment, Ken ignites. And for good reason, according to the actor Jeremy strong, “the start of this season is like a rebirth for Ken! I see her as if he was sitting under a tree and had achieved enlightenment. A kind of supernatural clarity in his vision of things “, explains the interpreter in EW. “He goes from this state of inner collapse and blind allegiance to his father to a form of rebirth. I have the impression that the character is reborn, with the conviction of a convert in a sense. He is on a moral crusade. Ken considers himself a savior, the savior of this business and there is a kind of airy feeling, a very positive “Kendall air” … ”

That being said, all is not rosy either, since there remains above his head a sword of Damocles which never leaves him. “Who said I never killed anyone? “ launches the rebellious son in his limo, subtly mentioning to cousin Greg and the public, his crime at the end of season 1, covered up with the help of his father. Screenwriter Jesse armstrong wanted to remind viewers that “Obviously, Ken is a complex, three-dimensional human being in the broadest sense. This event that befell him is a heavy burden on him, a heavy burden on his doorstep.r “, he says in Variety.

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Tom and Shiv

And he is not the only one in full psychological wandering in this beginning of season 3. His sister, Shiv, does not know any more on which foot to dance. Who to turn to. Who to trust. After a devastating Season 2 finale for her marriage to Tom, their couple already seem doomed. But the creator of Succession is less categorical: “Their relationship was built on a number of accommodations, of reconciliations. It’s very fragile and on a bunch of different levels. In the Season 2 finale, they brought up their pretty traditional and really romantic version of a partnership. What’s working and not working for Tom? ” Either way, what Kendall did changed this couple’s downward trajectory. “There are other ways this relationship works. They revolve around different commercial and family dynamics. So, while things can be quite wobbly in some ways, that doesn’t mean they aren’t able to cooperate in some other way anymore! I always find it interesting that all relationships, including romantic relationships, have different ways of working. ”

Roman and Gerri

In the relationship genre at several levels, the dynamic between the young scattered wolf and his mentor seems doomed to evolve further this season. And Jesse armstrong admits he worked on it: “We always believed there was that feeling between them. Certainly on Roman’s side. And we just tried to unwind the threads of this story with Gerri … “

Season 3 of Succession will continue every Sunday on HBO and in France on OCS in US + 24.

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