Succession will not last more than 5 seasons

Succession, season 2

According to producer Georgia Pritchett, the HBO show crew has a “good ending in their sights!”

Even the Roy family is going to have to hand it over one day. Succession won’t last forever and according to executive producer Georgia Pritchett, she will be shutting down shortly. In any case, the HBO series will not go beyond 5 seasons!

In an interview with the British newspaper The Times, she explains: “JI think the maximum will be five seasons, but maybe more certainly it will be four seasons. “. Clearly, as Season 3 wraps up filming right now, the next one could be the last.

Adrien Brody joins Succession season 3 in major role

In any case, showrunner Jesse Armstrong has one conclusion already in mind: “We are at the end of the shooting of season 3 and at this point he says he will do one more last and then that’s it … But at the same time, it happens every time “. Despite everything, Pritchett promises that the team behind Succession at “a good end in sight!”

Until we see that ending, season 3 of Succession is expected at the end of 2021 on HBO and in France on OCS.

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