Suicide Squad: David Ayer would have wanted the Joker to be the big bad

“Believe me, I’m still having trouble getting over it.”

David Ayer suffered a lot of reviews from the fans about Suicide Squad, released in 2016 at the cinema and rebroadcast this Sunday on TF1. More specifically about the role of the Joker. Jared leto he himself was very disappointed with the appearance time given to his character, but he also caused a lot of ink to flow. acting inappropriately with colleagues, on the set of the blockbuster (he swore in February 2021 thathe had never sent a dead rat to Margot Robbie, despite what had been told in the press). Whilea sequel has just been released at the cinema, directed by James Gunn and very different from this first version, the spectators are always mixed and do not understand why the Joker was so poorly constructed and little present in the first film. In a discussion on Twitter, the director also admitted in 2017 that he would have liked to have the master of crime as the main antagonist instead of the Enchantress.

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It was better than Batman v superman. But the Joker should have been the big bad. We should have brought the Mystery Man like in the animated film Assault we Arkham, “explains Jiwano Starshine. David Ayer respond : “Believe me, I still have a hard time getting over it. Yes, the Joker should have been the big bad in the movie. “Since then, Margot Robbie has had two new appearances in the costume of Harley Quinn, in Birds of Prey, by Cathy Yan (2020), and therefore in The Suicide Squad, currently at the cinema. For his part, Ayer is campaigning, still on Twitter, to obtain the right to ride his “Ayer cut”, his version of Suicide Squad that he swears to be very different from that shown in the cinema, in the wake of theSnyder cut “ of Justice league which was validated by Warner Bros at the beginning of the year and allowed Zack Snyder to catch up with the errors of the first version.

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